Dirt is a piece made from field recordings – memories of places, natural and constructed – interspersed with the snippets of spoken and synthesized speech.

In addition to the title, dirt as a concept is referenced in sounds like crunching soil and leaves under the feet, the sound pollution of trains, cars and construction, noisey interference in an audio signal. This representation of dirt in many forms attempts to express dirt as more than just impurity. During the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic, disease and dirtiness has impacted how almost everyone will remember the present moment in almost every place. Exploring the concept of dirt more broadly has been a soothing process for me. It is a reminder that dirt in its many forms is also a life-giving force, it can distort but also transform and create. The guiding metaphor of this piece was of a memory, which clouds, changes, collects “dirt” over time, but simultaneously rarifies, becomes something even more personal and significant than the experience of the present ever was. 

Dirt was broadcast 05.24.20 on 95bFM’s Artbank program.
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