ITCHY is a performance piece for 2 players and electronics written in close collaboration from NYC-based duo panSonus. ITCHY works with themes of closely-guarded personal memories (especially of places), and how these memories travel and connect through the body, voice and machines.

{watch here}

Performance history:
02.01.2019 panSonus @ St. John’s in the Village, New York NY USA
09.09.2019 panSonus @ Nickson Room, University of Queensland School of Music, Brisbane QLD AU
08.31.2019 panSonus @ Adam Concert Room, New Zealand School of Music, Wellington NZ
08.29.2019 panSonus @ Pyramid Club, Wellington NZ {video}

rehearsal photo with panSonus
homemade passive mixer built for ITCHY used to split pre-made 2 stereo tracks each played from the output of an ipod, phone or other media playback devices into a headphone track for the players and a speaker track.
salvaged iPod-esque mp3 player used in early performance of ITCHY
an in-progress workspace picture from the composition of ITCHY