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Dirt (2020) ~ {listen}
stereo audio track

Audio Painting series (2020-ongoing)
for audio-driven homemade video feedback system
Audio Painting I
Audio Painting II
Audio Painting III

debris cloud 2016/17 (2019) ~ {watch}
for chamber orchestra and cellphones
written for Orchestra Enigmatic

ITCHY (2019){watch}
for 2 performers and electronics
written for PanSonus

TOCAR (2016) rev. 2019 ~ {watch}
for performer and installation

[untitled] (2018)
for solo trombone

AGENT/OBJECT/PLACE/USE (2018) ~ {watch}
for orchestra

werkFalse (2017){watch}
for solo flute, performer with amplified ears and amplified table
written for Leia Slosberg

[UNTITLED] (2016) (2017) (version for cello) ~ {watch}
for cellist, installation and electronic performer

[UNTITLED] (2016) (2016)
for violist, installation and electronic performer
written for Anna Heflin

nest (2016) ~ {hear}
for piano trio and page turners
written for Longleash Piano Trio

nest (2016)

site specific sound installation
written for The Loretto Project 2016

MOTHLIGHT (2016) ~ {watch}
for 1 or more cellos and projected video
written for Thea Mesirow and Kevin McFarland

Big Band (2016) ~ {hear}
for improvisers large ensemble and tape recorder

. (2016) ~ {hear}
for orchestra

to growth inside leaving (2015) ~ {watch}
for two toy pianos and student viola
written for wind-up elephant

Hum With (2015) ~ {hear}
for voice, trumpet, trombone and bass clarinet
written for loadbang based on words by Jesse Seldess

Hillbilly (2015) ~ {hear}
for orchestra

How To Read Houses (2015) ~ {hear}
for studio big band

micros (2014)
for cello
III. Offing (for cello and 5 channel video)